[amsat-bb] Hardware or software problems?

Larry Gerhardstein W7IN at montana.com
Fri Apr 30 18:58:41 PDT 2010

All,  I feel like I'm no closer to a working sat station than I was one 
month ago.  I have two computers to run SatPC32 on.  Both are DELL 
Windows 7 Home Premium, one a desktop, the other a laptop.  I have a 
Keyspan 4-port USB to RS232 box with optical isolators from CommFront 
connected to G-5500 and ICOM 910H interfaces.

When I run SatPC32, I set up the COM ports and then enable R+ and C+.  
The computer then controls the xcvr and the rotors.  After clicking on R 
and/or C a few times, or after clicking the transmit button on the ICOM, 
the computer crashes... Blue Screen, screen of death.  IRQ_LESS_OR_EQUAL 
message.  Both computers do the same thing.  They crash after a short while.

I've tried connecting the computer to an isolated power source, not part 
of the power company a.c. feeding my shack.  This would be the generator 
in my RV.  Same problem.  SatPC32 ran for quite a time, but eventually 
the computer crashed.

I have disconnected everything from the computer except for the USB 
going to the monitor, Keyspan box, mouse, and keyboard.  Still same 
thing, computer crashes after awhile.  The laptop crashes with only the 
Keyspan connected.

I need expert advice again.  I run SatPC32 as administrator; what about 
compatibility modes?  What about critical o/s or driver upgrades or 
service packs?  What about adding ferrite toroid to all wires going into 
and coming out of the computer?  What about a power source isolator, 
like a UPS with a full-time inverter to get good isolated sinusoidal 
a.c. power to the computer and everything connected directly to it (like 
the monitor)?  The Keyspan is USB powered.  The good UPS's get expensive.

Please reply on this BB (preferred) or to private email w7in at montana.com 
or call 406-826-7373.

73, Larry W7IN

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