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> Bob and all,
> WAC definitely is possible - in some portions of the lower 48, at least - with today's fleet of satellites. On the AO-7 passes that I've used to work Alaska in the past, far eastern Russia was well within the footprint. The same is true now for HO-68 during appropriate passes. The obstacle, of course, is a lack of operators that far east in Russia.
> Bob, I suspect you are too far east to be able to get Hawaii for Oceana.

I don't know if there is another listing available but it seems i was the last one to get the SAT WAC certificate?

SAT#9      May 1984 EN70   W4CKD         Bob        -
SAT     02 Apr 1985 JN47   HB9CRQ        Dan        now HB9Q
SAT     28 May 1985 JO30   DC8TS         Hardy      -
SAT     07 Jun 1985 JO30   DC9ZP         Manfred    -
SAT     27 Jul 1995 IO91   G0MRF         David      -
SAT     17 Dec 1985 EN61   N2BJ          Barry      -
SAT     06 Nov 1990 IO81   GW8TIX        Gerald     -
SAT     13 Dec 1995 FN41   WA1QXR        Ken        -
SAT     07 Feb 1997 FN34   N1JEZ         Mike       -
SAT     18 Dec 1998 JN52   IK0WGF        ?          ex-IW0DAL
SAT     14-Jul-2000 DL81   XE2AT         Al         ex-XE2YVW
SAT     31 Oct 2003 PM96   JN1BPM        Hide       -
SAT     06 Sep 2006 FN36   VE2DWE        Luc        -

The whole WAC listing can be found at :  http://www.qsl.net/ve2pij/vhfwac.html

Plus other listing on http://www.qsl.net/ve2pij/

 However, stations at your latitude and slightly farther south (maybe as far south as 45 degrees, but definitely at 40 degrees and north) 
who sit somewhere from the Mississippi River east to at least the Cleveland area should be able to earn Satellite WAC. UA9CS shows up 
fairly regularly on Mode B passes of AO-7, and the log page on the AO-7 Web site reflects that K3SZH (Harrisburg, Pa., area) works him 
fairly often. That is asiatic Russia, so would count for Asia. K8YSE (Cleveland area) has worked WH6BIE on Oahu. I believe John may also 
have worked Adrian, AA5UK, when he was portable earlier this month from KH6. So that's Oceana.
> EA8AVI is active on AO-7 and other satellites, and the Canary Islands provide Africa. From this far south in EM84, I have worked all but Asia - and it IS possible here. Sadly, however, it would involve finding an operator across the Bering Strait who could work either AO-7 Mode B or HO-68 using either the linear or FM transponder. I have looked at a gazillion low-angle AO-7 passes to my east, and none of them have the right angles to fit UA9CS and me in the footprint at the same time. 
> Given HO-68's nice footprint, I believe it should be very possible to earn Satellite WAS hand-held (and, of course, with a base station) for any station located from the creater Kansas City area west on the lower 48. It might even stretch a bit farther east, but I haven't looked at it. Satellite WAS definitely is possible as far east as my QTH, but it takes the right pass of either AO-7 or (as I surprisingly discovered) FO-29. And this is about as far east as either the AO-7 or FO-29 footprints will stretch. But that makes Satellite WAS possible for a significant portion of the lower 48.
> Before closing, let me add my congratulations to Loren on his all-handheld Satellite VUCC. That's also how I earned mine (No. 170), and it was a real thrill. The ironic thing is, it took longer to get all the cards I needed to apply for the award than it did to actually work 100 grids. I needed 28 days to work 100 grids, but another 49 days to get all the cards I needed to apply for the award ... hihi. As a result, my all-handheld VUCC was, in all, a 69-day project. I remember asking on this BB about who else had done all-handheld VUCC, and there were several operators who responded. 
> Also - for Loren and others who might be interested - the QRP Amateur Radio Club International has added satellite endorsements to many of its awards, including its Grid Square and All States awards. The Grid Square Award is like VUCC - it requires a minimum of 100 grids. However, the QRP-ARCI award is far more rare. I suppose that has to do with the nature of QRP operation. I earned Satellite Grid Square Award No. 1 from them, and it is only No. 7 overall. I encourage anyone who has VUCC using HTs or a QRP rig like the Yaesu FT-817 to check it out. The group's All States Award is like our Satellite Communications Achievement Award, which requires confirmed contacts with at least 20 states/Canadian provinces/DX entities. The QRP-ARCI All States Award requires contacts with a minimum of 20 states, and it offers endorsement in increments of 10 states from there (i.e., 30, 40 and 50 states). I earned Satellite All States No. 1 using only contacts I'd made,
>  handheld, running 50 milliwatts out of my Yaesu VX-7 HT. My award, which is only No. 16 overall, is for 30 states at .05-watt.
> I suspect that Loren and others have more than they need to earn one or both of these awards. They're not AMSAT awards, but neither is VUCC, WAS or WAC. For those of us who enjoy low power, however, I believe they are nice additions to the awards options we have.
> Information on those awards is available at www.qrparci.org.
> 73 all,
> Tim - N3TL
> Athens, Ga. - EM84ha
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> Congrats, Loren. That's quite an accomplishment for a portable setup.
> Just as a yardstick, I got SAT VUCC # 64 back in November of 1996 so you 
> are definitely in exalted company ;-)
> It's actually quite surprising there aren't more VUCCs done in that 
> length of time. I wonder what the League's statistics are for the 
> "regular" VUCC.
> Moreover, I wonder how many Satellite WAS or WAC awards have been issued 
> since the 90s. I got sat WAS #299 in December 2004.. WAC is dated 1993, 
> but I wonder if it can even be done now with the current crop of 
> satellites. In the Oscar 10 or -13 days you could almost work it in a 
> single pass. Has anyone heard if a sat DXCC has been done any time in 
> the recent past?
> BTW, this is your opportunity, guys and gals on the -BB, to beat me up 
> if I owe anyone a QSL card... I am coming out of a long hiatus so I'll 
> put priority on returning those cards that people are really waiting on.
> Some random, Friday morning musings de Bob W1ICW ( the sat operator 
> formerly known as WE1U )
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> > Subject: [amsat-bb]  Satellite VUCC # 194
> >
> > It came in the mail today. It took from
> > November 2009 through February 2010.
> > About 600 QSOs. FT-60R and an Arrow.
> > 36 states confirmed.
> > Thank you all that returned cards.
> > Yeah, I'm jazzed.
> > 73
> > Loren
> > k7cwq
> > CN94
>> >
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