[amsat-bb] Arecibo Success

Stu2 stu at stu2.net
Sun Apr 18 18:45:53 PDT 2010

I've only seen RX reports, so far.

I was successful working KP4AO and it was quite a thrill for me. The 
first day, signals were weak. I didn't copy them on USB, but was able to 
hear them about 40-50% on CW. I called and called for the entire time. 
(CW) We were taking down the station of W4AD (SK), who enjoyed EME. My 
hope was to make one last contact from his back yard. Unfortunately, it 
didn't work out the first day.

On day 2, I set up a station my back yard. KP4AO was louder and I was 
able to copy USB, but the QSB always hit at the wrong time. Inevitably, 
I heard 599 and 'over'! When KP4AO switched to CW, I was able to copy 
them about 80% of the time with the QSB. Finally, at 16:25 Eastern, I 
worked them on CW with my 23 element K1FO yagi, TS-2K, preamp and 175W. 
I tried several different TX frequencies and was very persistent. The 
S-Meter never moved and it was like working a typical weak VHF signal.

My report is at: http://www.stu2.net/wiki/index.php/MT_Arecibo

Thanks to the gang at KP4AO for all their work. I really appreciate your 
efforts. My first QSO was on 2M with W5UN many years ago and this one 
was just as special.  Again - thanks!


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