[amsat-bb] RS-22, RS-30, Unid

PY2ZX py2zx.ham at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 08:59:35 PDT 2009

Mike, Andy,

TLM from RS-30 seems to be very similar to RS-22 too.

RS-22, RS-30 and one unidenfied were heard last week:


Flavio PY2ZX


CW telemetry is similar, but not identical

rs30 us160 ibs12 usun0 isun0 itxa8 itxb1 ttxa65 ttxb66 tnap80 tab66 msep0
mcon53 sma83 smb63 mrxa2 mrxb2
rs30 us159 isb12 usun1 isun0 itxa8 itxb0 ttxa65 ttxb66 tnap80 tab66 msep0
mcon53 sma86 smb71 mrxa2 mrxb2

rs28 ubs164 uaba166 uabb166 ibs3 iaba126 iabb126 ispa0 ispb126 taba133
tabb131 tsep136 mcon69 sma138 smb100 mra6 mrb30
rs28 ubs164 uaba172 uabb177 ibs2 iaba134 iabb134 ispa5 ispb133 taba132
tabb131 tsep136 mcon69 sma93  smb82  mra6 mrb30

73, Mike

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