[amsat-bb] Re: RS-38 or RS-28?

andy thomas andythomasmail at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Sep 27 03:50:20 PDT 2009

All I can do is reproduce the exact text I have received. I'm told convincingly that the cw sent is RS 28 and not 38 but I haven't been listening for it myself. DK3WN's observations are the best that I know of.

I understand that DOKA can use two frequencies multiplexed for a higher throughput : see my page on RS-30 at:


so I would expect that the two frequencies I have been given are centre frequencies for two ranges, each capable of being chosen from the ground station, depending on local qrm. 

I imagine that the main ground station is at Moscow state university with a back up at Plis at Kaluga, who invented Doka. 

Other participating universities within the Russian Federation will also have a DOKA groundstation (which may or may not be compatible), but the main telemetry of the scientific payloads will be on 1.7 GHz, so I don't expect you will hear DOKA if you are outside the footprint of >10 degrees elevation from Moscow (it will be interesting if you do). 

Worldwide, I expect that the 435 MHz beacon when its frequency settles down is now just a CW beacon of housekeeping data. And it is pretty likely that the cw decode for the beacon is the same as rs-30 on my webpage.

73 de andy g0sfj


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