[amsat-bb] RS-28 CW telemetry

Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Sat Sep 26 11:16:44 PDT 2009

17:45 UTC strong CW beacon on 435.266 MHz

rs28 ubs163 uaba165 uabb165 ibs3 iaba126 iabb126 ispa0 ispb126 taba132
tabb131 tsep135 mcon69 sma138 smb123 mra6 mrb30
rs28 ubs16. uaba179 uabb179 ibs1 iaba123 iabb133 ispa4 ispb129 taba132
tabb131 tsep135 mcon69 sma98 smb85 mra6 mrb30
rs28 ubs165 uaba167 uabb167 ibs3 iaba126 iabb126 ispa0 ispb127 taba132

I used NORAD #35869. Total difference in doppler ~1KHz, not sure if this is
the right TLE


See here: http://www.dk3wn.info/p/?p=8471


73, Mike


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