[amsat-bb] Re: All Satellites (Alan P. Biddle)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 25 19:19:09 PDT 2009

>> At a SmallSat conference... this summer,
>> I was amused at the casual assumption by 
>> a researcher that 50, cubesats could be 
>> launched as part of an upper atmosphere 
>> project using ham frequencies for the 
>> downlinks.

And wouldn’t it be a hoot if everyone of them could put their
RX/TX into a bent-pipe packet mode, and then we would have
amateur radio global hand-held text messaging satellite

>>  (They would have a lifetime of only 3-4 months.)

But it would be FUN for a while!

Using some of the 2-way very small micro APRS packet systems, a
2 to 5 Watt transponder will easily fit on a singl circuit card
in a small cubesat.  See  www.aprs.org/cubesat-comms.html


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