[amsat-bb] Re: All Satellites

Alan VE4YZ ve4yz at mts.net
Fri Sep 25 18:05:12 PDT 2009

Isn't it neat that Amateur Radio allows you to have a very narrow interest
and get enjoyment out of it. From HF to multi GHz.  From terrestrial to EME.

One subset is amateur satellites.  Further subsets within amateur satellite
includes those who love to work the FM Grid Sats, others like the "beep"
Sats while others explore the old dead birds looking for a Phoenix a la

To complain about the use of spectrum by one group or another is nuts.  In
the last day I've read such nonsense as "use of amateur frequencies for
telemetry".  Duh?  Was it being used for something else?  Did anyone notice
that the "beep" Sats for the most part do their beeping on UHF.  Those are
not exclusive amateur frequencies.  We, as amateurs, are the SECONDARY user
of a shared frequency.

In the meantime, instead of complaining, get involved with your local
CubeSat project to make sure that a FM or linear transponder is part of the
spec.  I think Delfi is a perfect model for us to pursue.  Post science,
post amateurs assisting with near whole earth orbit data acquisition, the
satellite is turned over for amateur use.  What a wonderful model of
collaboration and win-win Delfi set for all of us.  

Which leads me to my final comment on this Friday night rant... I don't
expect to see another HEO or MEO in my life time.  I think there is a better
chance to see a constellation of LEO picosats running a mesh-like network.
A network built up gradually over time by the CubeSat community 2 or 3 cubes
at a time over many years costing no one group an arm and a leg to move
toward that goal.  No one launch failure jeopardizing the big picture.  No
one satellite failing in the constellation putting down the whole network or
our enjoyment of it use.

Step'n off the soap box... 

73, Alan VE4YZ
AMSAT LM 2352 

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