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Hi Bill,  

You're right, the potential is there for a 3U CubeSat that can achieve  an 
apogee > 1400 km.  

We'd need 1U of that to house the linear  transponder but as you say the 
rest could be used for the propulsion system.  

As yet, as far as I'm aware, no-one has actually demonstrated a  working 
propulsion mechanism that can fit in 2U but I'm convinced this is  possible. 

The launch costs for a 3U CubeSat into 700 km LEO are well  within the 
reach of the Amateur community, our challenge is to develop a means  of raising 
the apogee.

73 Trevor M5AKA

Hi Trevor.
There is a propulsion system being developed for cubesats using a hydrazine 
 mono propellant that uses catalytic decomposition to produce a large 
volume of  hot gaseous products.
If initial claimed results can be repeated in production, then that unit  
can be propelled from typical LEO up to 1400km circular or 2000km  eliptical. 
 It's based on a 3U structure. It's not MEO, but its a lot more  fun than 
David  G0MRF

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