[amsat-bb] Re: CW beacon Heard

John Mock KD6PAG kd6pag at amsat.org
Thu Sep 24 10:41:44 PDT 2009

> Just heard a CW beacon on 437.385 with Doppler. It was 56-57. I was  
> looking for the cubesats just launched by PSLV. As per the estimated  
> TLEs, those Sats were within my AOS at 08.03 Z with 10 degree (W)  
> elevation . Any confirmation on this ?

I also heard something like this, pretty weak and fairly brief, from CM88
at the same (uncorrected) frequency.  If i had not seen the previous report, 
i would not have posted anything. I was not able to hear SumbandilaSat, but 
i can't say that's at all conclusive.

    			         -- KD6PAG

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