[amsat-bb] Some successful experiment and beep-sats

William Leijenaar pe1rah at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 23 14:58:12 PDT 2009


I like to share with you some news about my succesfull experiments with my tinny transponder. I managed it to work with 23cm as input frequency :)
The changes are minor,  just a few components to be changed and the input filter needs to be changed. I have to do some more testing but all looks very well for having an mode-LU linear transponder.

I just heared about another launch with several "beep"-sats on it.
When checking the Satellite Status List on the AMSAT-NA website, you need to search very well to find any satellite which has an uplink frequency. As active AMSAT operator I already deleted most of the kepler lines in the kepler list, as these are all "beep" sats which I can not use.

Lucky thing is that I not have much time to be active on satellites, but every once in a while when I check the satellite list my face gets more and more :(
In the past we had a few satellites, but they were very usefull (to AMSAT hams)...
Now we have many satellites, but only few are usefull (to AMSAT hams)...

Now up to my next project... a credit-card size Mode-B FM transponder :o)

73 de William, PE1RAH


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