[amsat-bb] Way to Go, Patrick!

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Tue Sep 22 10:43:31 PDT 2009

 >> ... Thanks to the 14 stations ...
Great job. I mentioned I was using only one Watt just for you ... to  
try to impress your group!
 >> ... Clint ... seems to have a never-ending lineup of  
demonstrations ...
It's funny. A month will go by with just one presentation ... but I  
have had NINE demos/presentations in a five or six week period right  
now. SO MANY that I registered a new URL ...
... which just redirects to my ham site. But it looks good in the  
handouts (grin).
New for me is the EchoLink presentations. What fun! I get to be a DJ  
for an hour. I have pared down my 150+ slides to about 50, saved the  
presentation as a .pdf, and offer it to the EchoLink audience - so  
that those online can follow along with the show. The first one was  
well-received. And the next EchoLink session is on October 8 (EchoLink  
“SCARS” Node 96140 5:30PM PDT).
 >> ... Even though the demonstration came before, and not after, the  
presentation I gave to the club - it all worked out very well ...
It's one thing to talk to folks and tell 'em that you CAN do this ...  
But a GREAT "teaser" to get those few that show up early to actually  
DO IT with you beforehand - and use those folks during your  
presentation to "validate" what your slideshow shows!
Again, excellent work, Patrick!
Clint Bradford, K6LCS - http://www.work-sat.com

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