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Subject: [amsat-bb] A432-20T AXIAL RADIATION???

> Google give me a lot of return but all related to helical, helix antenna
as this one:

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Hi Luc, VE2DWE

When we refere to helical antennas the radiation is called axial mode of
radiation and can be obtained if the circunference of a turn in ranging from
0.8 to 1.5 wavelenght  with a pitch angle between each turns of 12°
In this case the helix antenna radiates from the reflector in a direction
long the boom.
With different circunferences and pich angles the helix antenna radiates in
a direction perpendicular to the boom and this is called normal mode of

Read ANTENNAS by John Kraus edition 1950 chapter-7 the helical antennas
Sec.7-13 page 206

By the way the above radiation has nothig to do with the axial radiation of
your A432-20T

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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