[amsat-bb] Re: Thursday Night Fun

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Fri Sep 18 06:54:55 PDT 2009

Hi Clint!

> Thanks to AO-51 operators in Idaho, Ohio, Washington, Texas, Patrick
> in Arizona, and others during the 5:50PM PDT (00:50 GMT) pass of AO-51
> last night! I don't record the contacts while making demonstrations,
> but I wish I had last night while showing off AO-51 to the Conejo
> Valley Amateur Radio Club!

That was a great pass last night, where you were on doing the
demo.  Glad to hear you work guys as far east as Ohio.  There
was another demo on the SO-50 pass that came a few minutes
after the end of the AO-51 pass (KD7MNI, a call I hadn't logged
before, doing a demo for a radio club in Moscow ID), and then
a pair of stations (W6ZQ and NH7WN) on AO-51 from Hawaii.

I'll e-mail you separately the MP3 I recorded from that pass.
The recordings are my "log", until I sit down and replay them
and write my QSOs into the book.  For the most part, I now
hold onto them even after I've taken care of my logging.



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