[amsat-bb] Re: Universitetsky 2 (Tatiana 2) heard ?

David Barber david.barber at dbelectronics.co.uk
Fri Sep 18 04:02:33 PDT 2009

OK got it recorded this time.  Not as strong as last pass though.

AOS @ 10.46utc

LOS @ 10.59utc

Centre frequency 435.365MHz

Initial signal carrier only with short breaks then at 10.50utc cw blocks of
alpha numerics until end of pass.




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Hi David,

sounds good. Could you record or decode the signal? 
In most cases the call sign will be sent after data transmission (FM).
RS-22 was out of sight at this time ;-)

73, Mike

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Just copied a cw telemetry signal centred on 435.365MHz here in UK.

AOS around 09.12utc as a continuous carrier.

At approx 09.14utc cw telemetry started until LOS at 09.20utc.

Telemetry appears to consist of alpha / numeric blocks of 7 characters.

No keps here so no idea if it's what we're all looking for or not.



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