[amsat-bb] Re: Universitetsky 2 (Tatiana 2

andy thomas andythomasmail at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 18 00:05:29 PDT 2009

When I was at MGU (Moscow state university) in May this year I heard that because of the controversy over the use in the Amateur band of the multiplex system Doka on Yubileiny, they had decided not to use an amateur band on this bird. Doka is a system used by Russian universities, originating from engineers in Kaluga. Instead they would use the scientific/educational band at 1.7 GHz, near the HRPT band, and installed a small dish on the roof of the high-energy physics building for that purpose (I have stood next to it). The location cannot see low elevations because of nearby high buildings. Therefore I don't think Tatiana 2 has a 435 MHz beacon but i am checking with friends in Moscow.

73 de andy G0SFJ


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