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Thu Sep 17 12:46:45 PDT 2009

David.  what the Russians lack in our technology they make up for in their engineering and their practical approach to events.  A launch at Baikonour, particularly of a Soyuz (crewed) vehicle is a wonderful event.   Flying with them (and their airplanes) is likewise a fun event.  Unlike our "Vomet Comets" the Russians wear parachutes during microgee flight and at times are known let those who want to to "jump" after the event.

Of course then there are the winters!

Robert WB5MZO

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> :-D
> It always amazes me that the Russians carry a rocket on the back of a 
> train to the launch site, then launch it on time and then land the crew 
> on hard ground in what seems to be a very amateur and haphazard fashion 
> yet it seems to work very well.
> Here, if a bird farts in the wrong direction within 30 miles of Kennedy 
> Space Center, the whole launch is scrubbed!
> Maybe we should just get the Russians to do it for us!
> David

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