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> :-D
> It always amazes me that the Russians carry a rocket on the back of a 
> train to the launch site, then launch it on time and then land the crew 
> on hard ground in what seems to be a very amateur and haphazard fashion 
> yet it seems to work very well.
> Here, if a bird farts in the wrong direction within 30 miles of Kennedy 
> Space Center, the whole launch is scrubbed!
> Maybe we should just get the Russians to do it for us!
> David
> Bill Ress wrote:
> > Now be kind! AMSAT-NA may want to send up another satellite on that 
> > steam engine in the near future.
> >
> > Regards...Bill - N6GHz
> >
> > David - KG4ZLB wrote:

What is even more asthonishing is they still use Gagarine era lighter fuel rocket but they never failed (or nearly). Couple of years ago i 
was aboard a Tupolev 144 USSR military plane converted to a civilian plane and i was impress with the "no frills" aboard...decor was 
minimal the back of the seats where open and we can see the green seat frame. This plane was bound to Cuba manned by Russian pilot with the 
Russian fur aviation cap with flap over the ears. I'm not an aviation expert but i think after take off a civilain plane reach the cruising 
altitude gradually but this pilot manage to climb his plane  like a rocket. It was the worse experience i saw for ears pression blockage in 
my life even an old lady was holding 2 glass over each ears as the flight attendant recommend her...Still puzling me about the benefits 
after those years just try the trick on your next flight and report your results here.


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