[amsat-bb] Re: RS series mode A downlink power

Tony Langdon vk3jed at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 19:42:09 PDT 2009

At 12:36 PM 9/17/2009, you wrote:
>RS10/11 was a wonderful bird, with a high orbit and relatively high
>transponder power, it was very easy to work and the coverage was quite
>wide. It was a perfect beginner's satellite and a lot of guys got
>started in satellite operation with RS-10/11.

I loved RS-10, it was my first bird, and one of the best I've ever 
worked.  ALso, I actually have gear for Mode A SSB/CW, but not the other modes.

>I still think that the discussions we have over LEO vs HEO should be
>shifted to linear vs FM birds. Moving people from FM birds to linear
>birds opens up a whole new world of satellite operating to them and I
>think we would have a lot more satellite enthusiasts if we encouraged
>the FMers to try the linear birds. Then the progression to higher
>satellites would have a lot more support. - Duffey

The prob with the modern SSB birds is the equipment is expensive for 
thos of us who don't already have 70cm SSB in something we 
own.  However, a lot of people here have old 2m SSB radios around, so 
another RS-10, with that level of performance would fill a step up 
gap from FM.  I'd certainly be into that bird.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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