[amsat-bb] Not everyone is working on ARISSat-1

Alex, N3SQ amsat at elkmtn.org
Mon Sep 14 22:08:20 PDT 2009

There are some of us out here who are trying to bring a little order to 
the chaos and help AMSAT, but we are all not working on ARISSat-1.

Our effort lies in the following vectors and scalars:
- Change needs to be EVOLUTIONARY not REVOLUTIONARY.
- Chaos can be harnessed with the correct application of traceability.
- The future leads through the correct application of effort

There are clouds of dust on the horizon . . . . . with the sound of many 
hoof-beats in the distance . . . . . is that a bugle call-to-arms I hear 
on the wind?
Those who know, understand. Those who need to know will find out soon 

I will leave you with these two thoughts until next time . . . 

*  Look to the Empire State near the Harvest Moon.
*  A gift may arrive near the ides of May.

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