[amsat-bb] AO-40 (R.I.P.) query

Samudra Haque samudra.haque at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 19:43:28 PDT 2009

Hi, I was looking at some information from the 2005 Edition of the
ARRL handbook, which referred to AO-40 in some detail... but of
course, AO-40 is non-functional at present. The information I was able
to gather from web sources imply there is a "chance" the primary
battery may become open-circuit, and the secondary battery might
become operational if the panels are still charging.

Q: Was there any watchdog facility onboard the AO-40 that operated
directly off the charging bus prior to the battery ? If so, what was
the capability of the watchdog facility ?

Q: Is the bird still in orbit, or has it decayed or is decaying ?

Q: Under normal lifespan, what was the intention of the designers when
time came to have it shutdown ? Where there any deorbit plans ?

Q: If the AO-40 satellite is still up there, is anyone listening ?

Samudra, N3RDX

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