[amsat-bb] Kenwood TM D700A Satgate?

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Mon Sep 14 15:19:09 PDT 2009


I have a relatively "new" D700 which I use exclusively for satellite work.
The unit operates more as a base station than mobile, but on occasion
I will take the Kenwood into the field for low passes in order to "hit" the
mainland (Voice). 

Currently, I seem to be the only operational Satgate in Hawaii. 
Because of the nature of my setup it it somewhat cumbersome to take 
into the field (unlike an HT).

Question: Is there a means of xmitting, receiving and Igating with the 
Kenwood? I have seen a tips article on the web that describes how to 
route terrestrial traffic to the ISS but the article doesn't appear to  describe
the operator doing the same? What I envision is xmitting to ISS/PSCAT 
on channel B (packet); freq. 145.825 up AND down and Igating the digipeated packet
on channel A; freq 144.390 into the APRS system (findu). It does me no good to
climp to the top of a mountain to digipeat the ISS if there is not a functional Satgate to 
Igate that traffic. Doing this at home is simple with UISS/UIVIEW/AGWPE
and other software. Perhaps my hangup is paths, ie W3ADO-1 versus 
WIDE2-2 etc etc, ie, just a configuration thing. Can this be done purely mobile??
Comments, refs, would be greately appreciated. Mahalo and 73. 

Respectfully robert NH7WN, Honolulu

ps: Yes, I am still "learning this radio"

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