[amsat-bb] Beacon tone beeping

w6zkh@comcast.net w6zkh at comcast.net
Mon Sep 14 13:37:57 PDT 2009

This may have been asked in the past, but I cant find any reference to it, but for several weeks now, on both AO-51 and today on SO-50 passes, I heard beeping tones along with the carriers. These tones sounded just like the Sputnik beeps from years long ago. (yes, I was around for it) No one I've asked about them knows the answer, so I am bringing this to this forum. Also, on SO-50 seems we are getting some spurious conversations on the same carrier as the satellite. Wonder if those are just mixes, and they usually are more prevelant over Mexico than over the US proper. 

John W6ZKH 

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