[amsat-bb] Euro news

David - KG4ZLB kg4zlb at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 14 07:41:54 PDT 2009

  Dutch authorities propose rebanding D-STAR into 70cm satellite band

Information received from the Netherlands this week indicated a growing 
threat to frequencies allocated and used by the Amateur Satellite Service.

Worldwide, including the Netherlands, amateur use of frequencies in many 
portions of the 70cm band are allocated as secondary users.

The threat arises from proposals to move the output frequency band of 
terrestrial D-STAR repeaters from the 439-440 MHz range down to 437-438 

Dutch regulators have halted amateur D-STAR repeater licensing in that 
country because they plan to reallocate 439.500 MHz and upward to the 
Differential GPS (DGPS) service.

Despite protest from Dutch amateur radio operators, amateur clubs in the 
surrounding countries, and regulators in nearby countries, it seems as 
if the Dutch authorities are still planning on this frequency 
re-allocation to favor DGPS operation in violation of ITU allocations.

If completed this reallocation of the terrestrial D-STAR repeater 
outputs would place them right in the downlink band of the Amateur 
Satellite Service. This would have immediate operational impact on 
European amateur satellite stations. Longer term it may open the door 
for future infringement on satellite operations in other countries.

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