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Rocky Jones orbitjet at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 12 18:17:45 PDT 2009

What I do not understand is the persistent  bashing of the  BOD or
managers of this non profit volunteer corporation.   We are not the

Boeing, Lockheed or the USAF.  

If something is not going your way contact a board member and deal
directly with them.  

The way this thread is going it is accomplishing nothing more then
degrading or demeaning  the volunteer and contributing members of AMSAT.

We have a lot of folks on this bb that have a lot of very good
information to contribute to all.  I just am really disappointed

to see some very talented folks carry this thread to the point where it
turns others off.

I do not expect a reply to this.  I just wanted to express my opinion

Dale - KL7XJ

Dale.  Pointing out errors in performance that are consistent is not bashing...and it doesnt matter if they are volunteers or paid staff.  

If they cannot deal with responsible criticism, and oddly enough no one has refuted the statement I made that 1) they missed a launch date and 2) in large measure because they bit off to large a project...

instead all one gets is "wow I am upset because you are pointing out flaws in my performance, I am a volunteer I work 16-18 hours a day and wow this is space".

No one is calling them stupid, indeed the only people who have blown their corks are those who dont have answers to reasonable questions.

Robert WB5MZO

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