[amsat-bb] Re: (Reporting web pages needing updates)

John P. Toscano tosca005 at tc.umn.edu
Sat Sep 12 14:46:06 PDT 2009

Andrew Rich (Home) wrote:
> No I meant
> amsatwebchanges at amsat.org
> " I found this page is old and needs to be deleted"
> Many hands make light work

Andrew: I think that the following solution will help you accomplish 
your goal...

At the bottom of many pages of the AMSAT web site is a link entitled:
   "Report a bug on this page"

Click on the link, and a form pops up. The form is pre-filled with the 
URL of the "offending" web page, i.e. the web page you were on at the 
time you clicked on the link. Fill in the rest of the form and click on 
the button labeled:
   Submit Report

One of the questions on the form is "Issue Type", and the drop-down list 
include numerous choices, such as:
   -- malformed text
   -- broken link
   -- outdated information
   -- misspelling
   -- punctuation
and several others. You don't even have to start up your email client; 
the form goes to the appropriate person when you click on the Submit button.

If the page with a problem does not have one of these links on it, you 
could manually type in the following URL into your browser:

The only problem with this is you will have to manually fill in the line 
on the form that specifies what web page is problematic. Of course, 
before you change to this URL, use your mouse to highlight the current 
URL (where the problem is located), hit Ctrl+C to copy the URL to the 
Windows Clipboard, then go to the bugform page, mouse or tab to that 
field, and hit Ctrl+V to paste in the URL. [My apologies in advance for 
giving you Windows-centric instructions if you are using a different OS 

This seems even easier to me than an email alias to which you send 
problem reports, but maybe that's just me...

But I clearly agree, a thousand pairs of eyes can find more errors and 
omissions than a single pair of eyes.  www.nlrs.org (which I maintain) 
is comprised of over 4000 files, so I assume that www.amsat.org is much 

73 de W0JT

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