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Sat Sep 12 11:56:30 PDT 2009

Bob with all due respect that is more chaff then an ALE47 puts out...

> Yep, it sure is random chance on how we get our launches and what we then build to match those chances..  And now that we understand how much better you think we could do it, 

Launches dont have anything to do with suitsat 2 except that the folks building the project "missed" one a free one, one that was there...

and then you crank up the old "well you can do it better"...oh comeone.  Actually I never said I could.   come on try and stay on the topic.

But this is the entertaining one.  I wrote:
> > A much more prudent approach, one with 
> > more success built in would have been to 
> > analyze the failure, figure out the weak 
> > points, correct those and then try flying 
> > "that" or something slightly more complicated.
> > at least that is how it is done in test flying...

you replied...
> Where everyone is paid big bucks, where that is their full time job, and where they have the money and resources to do it that way.  I'm talking MILLIONS.  Whereas we have practically nothing, but good honest hard working volunteers, saddled with ten times as many arm-chair ankle biters and complainers who incessantly wear eaveryone down with their self-richeous kibitzing...

so good engineering/management principles ones that they teach at all good engineering schools including the one you are at....

require mega bucks?

OK so when my wifes classmate (both Canoe U grads) does her free clinic she should say "Heh folks this is free so I dont have to do good medical practices"?

Just taking a break...we are putting up the 60X60 chickenwire screen to keep the  hawks out of the coup and provide a good ground plane for the vertical.

Space is hard

take care

Robert WB5MZO, 

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