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W4ART Arthur Feller afeller at ieee.org
Fri Sep 11 12:26:14 PDT 2009


Hurling questions and accusations is easy, but, doesn't seem to help.   
Keeping up with what's going on (the information IS available) and  
PARTICIPATING in the work will provide a solid platform from which to  

Dive in!

And, let's try to keep the discussion constructive.

73, art.....
W4ART/3  Washington DC
LM 113

On 11-Sep-2009, at 2:30 PM, Rocky Jones wrote:

> Bob
> What has been remarkable about this thread, is that it has shown how  
> dysfunctional AMSAT NA is.
> Forget satelllite construction etc...people point out problems with  
> the web site and next thing you have is someone explaining who can  
> and cannot comment on the state of the organization (to paraphrase  
> "we dont need weak volunteers who are discouraged by no real method  
> of being able to volunteer  one has to earn the right to be  
> critical...")
> Forget the ability to answer serious questions like (and I know its  
> annoying) "how was the suitsat 2 program allowed to not meet the  
> ability to use the "suits".
> And from what I can tell no one has a clue why Suitsat 1 failed (I  
> know it was a glorious success by just deploying)  much less how to  
> avoid a repeat of that with a much more complicated followon which  
> is now functionally a new satellite.
> And of course the whole concept of board meetings which really are  
> not is entertaining.
> The answers are "you cannot criticize "us" we are working 16 to 18  
> hour days doing things that no one else will do"...
> and then one wonders why donations are at an all time low.
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What we can do is to live out our lives as best we can with purpose,  
and with love, and with joy.  We can use each day to show those who  
are closest to us how much we care about them, and treat others with  
the kindness and respect that we wish for ourselves.  We can learn  
from our mistakes and grow from our failures.  And we can strive at  
all costs to make a better world, so that someday, if we are blessed  
with the chance to look back on our time here, we know that we spent  
it well; that we made a difference; that our fleeting presence had a  
lasting impact on the lives of others.
                                                            - Barak  
Obama, 29 Aug 2009

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