[amsat-bb] Re: volunteered

Randy RSwart1 at twcny.rr.com
Fri Sep 11 05:56:22 PDT 2009

I do have to say I can relate even though being a new member, I havent done
anything to help
Other than my piddly donation.

I maintain our gun club website for over 4 years .. For nothing ..
It was hosted on my sons commercial web server as a favor for free .. 

I don't think I ever recall ONE thank you .. From anyone .. 
Seemed like a thankless job that I got continually nagged at about
Keeping the site up ...   

Dunno .. Perhaps that's part of the issue ??? The people that volunteer 
Get crap from the people that don't .. And that's the only thing they hear??
Instead of hearing THANKS @!!! .. 

Just thoughts .. 

Sorry about my other "dues" comment .. 

We all have our moments.. 

Randy - N2CUA

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