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Only if people end this nearly useless thread.  This ground is so beaten down it is not funny.  Member dues and most of their donations do not buy a single component.  But to live to fight another day and to keep "those who can" thinking about things to do for those "those who use" and even "those who mostly whine and do nothing at all except whine" these member donations are vital to the organization's health.  

The amsat organization is undergoing some reorg. Lots of different faces on the board and different faces in engineering even with our inability to get a significant launch speaks well for the potential of the organization.

I think personally that those who complain should go stand in front of the mirror and ask themselves

1) what have I personally done for the organization lately?
2) follow that with "Am I part of the problem or the solution?"


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Bruce filled me in on where a lot of the "donations" go.. 

Couple others beat me up .. LOL

So is there a win-win on this topic ? 


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