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David - KG4ZLB kg4zlb at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 10 07:44:19 PDT 2009


After careful consideration concerning this thread it seems we have 
three distinct areas that need to be, or are being, addressed.

Perhaps we could get some definitive answers as to where we/AMSAT stand 
on them as in some cases nothing further has been heard.

1) *The website* - my understanding is that this will become a Wiki 
style affair and that someone has already volunteered to start it

Is this correct? Is this happening? Who is doing this?

2) *The Satellite Status page* - I was asked to supply information to 
correct any inaccuracy's just before the idea was hatched to use the 
dcarr Live Oscar Satellite Status site as a feeder. Again I understand 
that this has been approved by David Carr, KD5QGR and is awaiting 

Is this correct? Is this happening? Who is doing this?

3) *The volunteer page* - clearly the thing is broken and clearly people 
do not know this until after they have filled in the form.
So would it not be an idea to state clearly on the home page of the 
website that the site is undergoing some sort of revamp? In that way 
viewers know the we know that the issues are being addressed.

Secondly, on the Satellite Status page, again some sort of wording 
should be appended referring to the ongoing upgrade of the site, also 
mentioning the future amalgamation of information from David Carr's site 
and provide a direct link to it? Maybe David would be kind enough to 
reciprocate with a direct link back to the AMSAT home page so that 
viewers can return easily.

Lastly the Volunteer page, again some words on it saying that it is not 
functioning, do not waste half an hour filling it in only to hit send 
and find its buggered. If interested e-mail Gould or someone else so 

I fear that without some positive short term damage limitation on the 
website, these threads are just going to keep popping up. The Volunteer 
page issue is now so old its got grey hairs!

Even if no body steps forward to volunteer to change anything at all, if 
the correct wording is applied to the website then people know where to 
go for the answers and information that they need and we/AMSAT don't 
look incompetent.


Glen Zook wrote:
> I thought long and hard before replying to you.  Unfortunately, it is the fault of the organization when the systems do not work.  On purpose?  Of course not.  But, it still is within the control of the organization and therefore it definitely is the fault of the organization.
> There is a "Catch 22".  There is a need for volunteers but the prime method of volunteering is not available.  Why?  Because there are not enough volunteers to "fix" the method of volunteering.
> Yes, there are other ways of eventually having someone's volunteering to help being recognized.  However, most individuals are not going to go through a trial and error means of finding the "correct" means of offering their services.  Frankly, this is just not going to happen.
> I have submitted an article for publication in The AMSAT Journal on this very problem.  Hopefully it will be published in the next edition and, again, hopefully it will help alleviate, at least in some small way, the problems that presently exist.
> Glen, K9STH
> AMSAT 239 / LM 463
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> --- On Wed, 9/9/09, myoung <myoung at neo.rr.com> wrote:
> So if someone wants to volunteer and they use the volunteer function of the AMSAT website and it doesn't work and someone doesn't get in touch with you...   IT IS AMSAT's FAULT? Is that it?
> So if you order something from the AMSAT website or any website and the item never arrives...  YOU JUST FORGET IT?
> This is a mindset of failure!   A HORRENDOUS COP OUT FOLKS!!!
> The AMSAT  office has a phone.  The number is on the website, please use it!
> Do you really want to volunteer?  PROVE IT!  AND FOLLOW THRU!  PROMISES DON'T GET THINGS DONE!
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