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Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 10 07:05:33 PDT 2009

I thought long and hard before replying to you.  Unfortunately, it is the fault of the organization when the systems do not work.  On purpose?  Of course not.  But, it still is within the control of the organization and therefore it definitely is the fault of the organization.

There is a "Catch 22".  There is a need for volunteers but the prime method of volunteering is not available.  Why?  Because there are not enough volunteers to "fix" the method of volunteering.

Yes, there are other ways of eventually having someone's volunteering to help being recognized.  However, most individuals are not going to go through a trial and error means of finding the "correct" means of offering their services.  Frankly, this is just not going to happen.

I have submitted an article for publication in The AMSAT Journal on this very problem.  Hopefully it will be published in the next edition and, again, hopefully it will help alleviate, at least in some small way, the problems that presently exist.

Glen, K9STH
AMSAT 239 / LM 463

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--- On Wed, 9/9/09, myoung <myoung at neo.rr.com> wrote:

So if someone wants to volunteer and they use the volunteer function of the AMSAT website and it doesn't work and someone doesn't get in touch with you...   IT IS AMSAT's FAULT? Is that it?
So if you order something from the AMSAT website or any website and the item never arrives...  YOU JUST FORGET IT?
This is a mindset of failure!   A HORRENDOUS COP OUT FOLKS!!!
The AMSAT  office has a phone.  The number is on the website, please use it!
Do you really want to volunteer?  PROVE IT!  AND FOLLOW THRU!  PROMISES DON'T GET THINGS DONE!


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