[amsat-bb] MediaWiki Trial

John Wright ham at g4dmf.co.uk
Wed Sep 9 11:46:17 PDT 2009

At 15:42 09/09/2009, you wrote:
>After reading this thread, I figured it'd be worthwhile to set up a
>mediawiki instance to let people get familiar with it.  I set one up last
>night on a node for my own enlightenment.  The configuration is not "the
>best" by any means.  For those interested in timeframe, it took thirty
>minutes to configure this instance from a clean arch linux installation.  If
>you are interested in poking around in the environment to see what it feel
>like, go ahead, that's why I set it up.  I disabled email registration, so
>anyone can just create an account and get a feel for creating pages /
>editing / preferences / etc...  Tonight, i'm going to hack at creating my
>own skin, since it would just be cool :-)  I added the amsat logo to the
>main page for testing, I hope this doesn't violate any copyright rules....
>If it does, hollar and i'll remove it.
>For the record, I have nothing to do with Amsat right now, outside of being
>a first time member this year.  I also don't want anyone to think that i'm
>pushing for media wiki or anything of the sort.  I just like the idea of
>having a wiki.  I read the email thread and figured it'd be worthwhile to
>set an instance up so Amsat folk could get familiar with it.  I have managed
>two other wiki systems on my own, trac / moinmoin.  MediaWiki has quite a
>bit to offer and is reasonably easy to configure.
>Here's a link to the playground:
>Let me know if you have any comments or questions (or if you get any weird

Thought I'd start this as a new thread. Just been on the Wiki, I 
think its a great idea. I added my comments in the discussion section 
just to get a feel for it. I'm not an Amsat-NA member, but 
non-the-less think I'm allowed to comment. I really hope this expands 
and becomes as useful as Wikipedia itself!  John G4DMF 

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