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laura halliday marsgal42 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 8 21:11:57 PDT 2009

Joel W4JBB wrote:

> Another two sites I really like reading on a daily basis are
> www.slashdot.org and www.lifehacker.com. What do y'all think.
The software that runs Slashdot (slashcode) are available under GPL. Various other "bulletin board" systems are available, like phpBB and vBulletin. There are lots of content management systems out there, like Joomla and Django. I've built web sites with Django. It's slick. And it's built with Python, which has to be good. :-)
Reinventing the wheel is not needed. What's needed is the goal of getting information to people who need it, and making sure it's accurate. If information is not read, or cannot be found, it accomplishes nothing.
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