[amsat-bb] Re: broken links

Scott Richardson scott at aves-specta.com
Tue Sep 8 17:08:13 PDT 2009

I can help with the website, too, and would be happy to be part of a team. 
My offer to volunteer went to Gould just a few days ago and he may not have 
had an opportunity to consider it yet.

I've kept my disappointment with the current site to myself, knowing that I 
cannot volunteer to be a standalone AMSAT webmaster. But like several others 
writing today, I am willing to take on part of the job. If the BOD needs a 
single responsible point of contact, it would be up to that person (if he or 
she exists) to decide if it's going to be a solo or shared effort.

The wiki approach sounds reasonable and wouldn't need to be hosted 
elsewhere. I don't know why we couldn't simply set up a subdomain at the 
current host(wiki.amsat.org?) and get the job started this week. It's also 
possible the site can be improved as currently structured, simply through 
intense attention to content.

73, Scott N1AIA

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