[amsat-bb] Special Event Coinciding with AMSAT Symposium

Frank H. Bauer ka3hdo at comcast.net
Mon Sep 7 16:05:01 PDT 2009


Those of you into Edgar Allan Poe.there is a special treat if you come to
this year's symposium.  The famous poet is celebrating his 200th birthday
this year.  He lived in Baltimore for several years and died and was buried
in the city.  And there is a Poe Museum at the Baltimore house he lived in
before his death.  

The year-long commemoration of Poe will culminate with a recreation of his
funeral that occurs around the Symposium dates.  Poe died on October 7,
1849.  There will be a recreation of a wake for Poe from noon to 11 pm at
the Poe House.  This will be followed up with a mock-funeral for Poe on
Sunday October 11 (12:30 and 4:30).  John Astin (Gomez Addams from the
Addams family fame) will officiate the funeral services. 

If you want more information on this, go to the following web sites:



www.annabelleetavern.com   This "all Poe" tavern was named after one of
Poe's last poems.a virtual shrine to Edgar Allan Poe with his poetry
covering the walls.

www.westminsterhall.org  Where he is buried.and where a mystery man dresses
in black leaves a bottle of cognac and three red roses on Poe's birthday.

If you didn't know it before, now you know why the Baltimore Football team
is called the Ravens...

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
2009 AMSAT Symposium Co-Chair

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