[amsat-bb] Re: Alinco DJ-G7T Pro/Con reviews

Mon Sep 7 08:14:55 PDT 2009

I have one which I received in July after waiting for 2+ months.  I have the
latest, as of today, firmware installed.

My experience with mine is that the RX sensitivity does not meet
specifications, and the sub band is worse than the main band.  I have an old
Icom IC-T7H, same published specification, for comparison.  With the same
location exactly, same antenna exactly, distant repeaters which are full
quieting on the IC-T7H are scratchy on the main band, and worse or
unreadable on the sub band.  This has been my experience as well with my Elk
antenna and AO-51, though doing A/B testing is much harder there.  This is
with wideband receive off, all attenuation off.  The sub band sensitivity is
the same, not transmitting, with full duplex on or off.  I see the same
extreme desense when transmitting in full duplex.

I have experimented with using it for an APRS digi, as it is unlikely to
ever be a truly viable satellite rig.  For that, it works very well with a
few caveats.  First, the squelch is very slow opening, so it is better to
operate with it open and use tone detection.  Surprisingly, there is no
preemphasis going through the microphone jack, so you need to add in the
twist externally.

The cloning software is more like alpha than beta.  There are several things
which either don't work, or crash.  In one case, the crash is the kind that
gets you a "Report to Mother Microsoft" message.  However, they are working
on it, and with each new release it is more useful.

It will probably be a neat package for ordinary usage when they get finished
beta testing it.  There have been several improvements, including some not
covered in the release notes, in the firmware updates.


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