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Tim - N3TL n3tl at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 7 07:23:59 PDT 2009


My congratulations to you and Sawson on your recent satellite work using very low power levels. This is something I also have enjoyed very much over the past year, using my Yaesu-VX-7R at .05-watt (50 mW) with a variety of antennas, including the AL-800, to log contacts with stations in 30 states, plus Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. My location will not permit me to work all states on the FM satellites, but I suspect that either of you have the opportunity to do that using 50 mW out. It will, indeed, be a challenge for you, but I believe it is one you can achieve. If you decide to pursure such a goal, I wish you the very best in your efforts.

I will begin listening for you and Sawson on passes to my west, and hope that we can complete a contact with each of us transmitting only 50 mW. I suspect it is a very rare contact when each ground station is transmitting far less power than the satellites they are working through!

73 to all,

Tim - N3TL
Athens, Ga. - EM84ha

From: Larry Teran <satvader at hotmail.com>
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Sent: Monday, September 7, 2009 3:55:47 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] 50mW on an Arrow

Hi All! if the subject of this post call attention on you is because that sounds familiar to you on these last days QSO's on the birds, before I continue with this post I will type some words that shows the enthusiasm of a person to success! 

It's better to try and fail
than to never try at all..... because sometimes you don't fail!
those are the words sent to me on an email, from KG6NUB Sawson, I sure that most people here know him very well, for me he has been a great help since I started working satellites, I remember my self asking him to send me an email because I was not able to copy his call, and he did just after the satellite go down on the horizon, he also helped me to set up for ISS APRS, send me the schematics to make my first sound card interface, and he makes arrangements to help me work Hawaii for the first time on a very low elevation on SO-50, he reply on emails so fast, and he is always with a solution when you have a problem. And he stay late on the night.something different the the rest of us is that he is not hunting QSL Cards nor he's in a hurry to get any awards, but more in the hearth of this hobby the technical part, I ask him once about using a preamp and he told me that he will spend that money buying more aluminium to make a bigger antenna.On recent days
 I was able to purchase an HT so I added to my satellite station and finally I was able to listen to my self and free from the little 10W duplexer on my arrow antenna, so been able to cennetct both radios my mobile and my HT I was ready to power up with 50W on my uplink!!! (OH YEAH every body will listen to KI6YAA and I will step on them jejejej!)and just when I was about to become a satellite hog, Sawson get out working with 50mw on his arrow antenna, he also worked the same power on a whip, and if that is not much he contacted Hawaii with the same settings. That teach me a good lesson and remains me of what I learned a few moths ago by studying for my ham exam, use as low power as necessary to complete your contact, Below is a copy of his recent email sent to me with details of his so famous "50mW on an arrow" work.Thakns Sawson for all your Help! KI6YAA
From:Sawson -KG6NUB (sawson at w6yx.stanford.edu)Sent:Sun 9/06/09 10:23 PMTo:Larry Teran (satvader at hotmail.com)>Earlier in the week on AO27, there was 4.35 degrees peak. I only had
>my AL800 whip with me and didn't even want to try working NH7WN.
>Robert convinced me to try. To my amazement, I was getting in so
>loud on 5W, I lowered it to 0.5W and still got in! I tried 50mW but
>was too weak. This convinced me on a quiet pass 50mW + whip is
>possible. Two days later I worked Hawaii on 50mW. See the attached
>files. So the lesson learned is.... it's better to try and fail
>than to never try at all..... because sometimes you don't fail!

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