[amsat-bb] W6ZQ and NH7WN on AO-51 from Hawaii tonight

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Fri Sep 4 22:45:39 PDT 2009


Thanks again to Ron W6ZQ for another Hawaiian grid on AO-51.  Ron
drove not too far south of where he is currently staying on Kauai
(BL02), to put BL01 on the air on the 0246 UTC AO-51 pass.  Robert
NH7WN from Honolulu (BL11) was also on the same pass.  

I had a maximum elevation of 4 degrees for this pass, and was
able to work W6ZQ at just under 2 degrees elevation and NH7WN 
at just over 3 degrees elevation.  I think W6ZQ logged some
QSOs before I could hear the downlink, then I worked him and 
heard him work 6 others before I lost the downlink.  Robert was 
also working a few stations during the pass, and I think Ron and 
Robert worked each other for an inter-island QSO out there.  
Thanks to both of them for making the effort to work us on the 
mainland, and to the other operators for an orderly pass that
allowed for many QSOs!

Ron did not say when he would try to work the US mainland via
satellite again on his trip, but said he wants to get on again 
at some other point this month from Hawaii.  If I get any more
news from him on his plans, I'll post it on here.  Robert comes
on from time to time, and hopefully he's getting more of an 
assortment of calls in his satellite log in Honolulu (and, maybe,
some other grids).  



(I'm heading to DM31 tomorrow; hope to work a bunch of you then!)

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