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William Leijenaar pe1rah at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 4 06:29:28 PDT 2009

The tinny transponder design is finished and tested. I can make copies when there is interrest. My visit to Ham Fair in Tokyo was for me a kind of milestone to finish the design and make it public to the people. (I like to design something well done, before make it available to others, this avoids modifications and extra work later).
It is not easy to make the LE005-R2 transponder design without having the right tools. This is also the reason why I cannot sell it like a kit for people to solder at home.
The design is made at a profesional level (as development engineer I am dealing with it dayly) and can be made with use of a pick and place machine and reflow soldered for large quantities in a factory when needed. This is only profitable at large quantities.
For small quantities its cheaper and faster to do it with my small reflow system. The quality is guarenteed as I can do manual inspection and full testing myself.
The next step is doing space environment tests, but that takes some more time and money. In case you have a working thermal vaccuum chamber in your garage, let me know ;o) 
The LE005-R2 is designed for space environment but not officially tested yet.
However, the design is well suited for applications like terresterial transponders.
73, with kind regards,
William Leijenaar, PE1RAH
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> (Similarly, I hope that William's extraordinary vision in building his
> transponder board might, after broad testing and examination, be
> validated by it becoming an 'AMSAT' off-the-shelf product. With
> William's approval, let's appeal for the bucks to have a team of
> people replicate these, test them, and set them up as temporary
> terrestrial repeaters around the world. We'd much more easily convince
> a cubesat team to include one of these if we could say one was running
> uninterrupted in Toronto for a year, or if we could have them do a QSO
> through one in a live demo!)
> 73, Bruce

Hey, if William will make the boards available, I'll start building one 


George, KA3HSW


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