[amsat-bb] Re: Trolls on the -bb / Being positive

PE0SAT pe0sat at vgnet.nl
Wed Sep 2 07:30:08 PDT 2009


Lets think in solutions and not in problems.

If you see a problem, then be the first to come with a possible solution.

As an example the AMSAT website:

Outdated information:

Make a wiki, and let fellow amateurs update the information.

This could also solve to problem of language, I also experience
the fact that amateurs where english is there native language
use a sentence structure that is difficult to understand.

(I use for example http://translate.google.com/ to try and find out was is
being said. But it would be nice that people that write these sentences
keep this in mind. I hope that amsat is not just for the native english
speaking amateurs.)

It can also ensure that this website supports multiple languages,
because this can be done by all fellow amateurs world wide.

Come on! lets hear those solutions and not the problems.

Lets make it a better place and not worse.

73's Jan - PE0SAT

With regards PE0SAT
Internet web-page http://www.ham.vgnet.nl/

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