[amsat-bb] My thoughts as somone pretty new to AMSAT

racer5039 racer5039 at q.com
Tue Sep 1 16:56:54 PDT 2009

I am pretty new to AMSAT so I can't speak to the what and why of the B.O.D. or the operation of AMSAT.
What I will speak of is what I found when I  first started looking at the AMSAT site.
First thing I found was a lot of the information was very old and out of date. As someone new to the mode I really thought hard if I wanted to send money to an org. or CORP. that wasn't keeping things up to date.
With the said. I would also like to offer some thoughts.
My JA friends may look at this as I do. If there are parts of the web site that take up too much time or effort to keep up, It is "Mooda", waste. Remove it so that it isn't giving the new onlooker the wrong idea of what to expect. 
I fully understand that to run something like AMSAT take's a lot of time. But you must also think of the image that old, out of date, data sends to other like me.
There are a lot of things on the web site that are no longer of use to the here and now. 
If I have thrown myself under the bus, so be it. 
I only speak of what I know.


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