[amsat-bb] please be positive

OZ1MY oz1my at privat.dk
Tue Sep 1 15:20:40 PDT 2009

Hi -bb,
I do not know if I speak for a large number of receivers
from the amsat - bb - but it is sometimes difficult to
read and understand the "finer" details of such a conversation as
has taken place over the last days.
That is when our first language is not English/American.

It started with John's e-mail, which was not easy to understand in any
other way than a large criticism of the way AMSAT is run these days.
May be it looks different for people with a better mastering of English
- but to me it appeared very negative and non constructive.
If there are mistakes on the homepage - why not just point that out, and
that is it ?

Criticism can be positive and constructive and lead to improvements for the
better of AMSAT worldwide - but unfortunately also to the opposite.

Please (all) try to be constructive and positive. I think most of us will
appreciate that :-)

Hope this e-mail is understandable. My native language is Danish.
73 OZ1MY

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