[amsat-bb] Trolls on the -bb

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Tue Sep 1 14:45:41 PDT 2009

People often ask me why more of the AMSAT leadership doesn't participate on
the AMSAT-BB. I think that over the last few weeks we have seen ample reason
why. We've been accused of stupidity, malfeasance, sloth, and called out at
every opportunity. I've about had it with the trolling and the bickering and
the internet commandos cruising for reactions. They've caused it to cease
being fun or even interesting to participate in this email list.

I'd like each and every one of you to consider how you'd feel if you gave
several hours a day for free to an organization to only get sarcastic,
bitter criticism at your efforts in return? Sit back and think where the
organization would be today if all the current volunteers decided they'd
rather sit behind a keyboard and tear someone else's work down rather than
analyze telemetry, plan schedules, maintain webpages, solder circuit boards,
mail ballots, test batteries, process renewals, inquire about new
opportunities, mentor a beginner or a cubesat project, write an article,
schedule an ARISS QSO, etc? Next time you feel that urge to criticize or
even hurt AMSAT in public, remember that behind every thing AMSAT does is
someone who decided to volunteer rather than do something more selfish with
their time, and those folks have feelings and egos and frailties. Push them
too hard and you might find they pack their bags and leave.

I know AMSAT has had it's issues over it's long history, and we are all
disappointed that HEOs seem to be almost out of reach for us now. We are all
human and we all make mistakes, especially when it involves rocket engines,
building spacecraft on hobby store budgets, and getting all past our
benefactor launch agency trials and schedules. We have also learned from
our mistakes, and it is time to move ahead. Our officers and our BOD is
almost entirely different from just 5 years ago. I think if we can quit
flinging mud at each other for a few moments, you'll see that there are some
good things just around the corner for AMSAT, and those good things may lead
to great things. But we need your support and understanding, not your slings
and arrows. What have you done for your AMSAT lately?

If a member has a problem with or suggestion for how a volunteer is doing
their job, contact them through the website regardless of what your
interpretation of "bug" is, or directly via email or even a phone call. Be
prepared to back up your complaint with an offer of help. Sometimes it will
work, and sometime it won't. But please, for the sake of the organization,
keep the sarcasm, the bitter jabs, and the trolling and bickering off
the -bb.

73, Drew KO4MA
lowly AMSAT servant

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