[amsat-bb] Road trip this weekend

Rick - WA4NVM wa4nvm at comcast.net
Sun Nov 8 21:12:09 PST 2009

Hi all,

My visit Thursday thru Sunday to my friends lake house in EM46 just finished.  With a 
little Geo Cache trip Friday and a road trip Saturday afternoon, I worked quite a few
stations from EM35, EM36, EM37, EM46 and EM47.  As a  few stations have already
done, if you worked me and want a QSL, please send me an email with the date(s)
and time(s) of our contact and I will be glad to send you a card.

You can get some real strange looks from the locals driving by at night, with an ELK and HT
laying on the hood and a Laptop display glowing in the vehicle in the middle of nowhere.
"Hey Bertha .... there's a UFO hunter over there."

73 to all,
Rick - WA4NVM

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