[amsat-bb] HD Video of satellite FM Data download (or: Amateur Radio is cool)

Henk, PA3GUO hamoen at iae.nl
Sat May 30 14:14:37 PDT 2009

Dear friends,

This morning I have uploaded a new High Definition (HD) video:

COMPASS-1 is the first CubeSat of the Aachen University in Germany.
It is a 10x10x10 cm cubic satellite with a mass of less than 1 kg.

Daily download of satellite data is delegated to a team of radio amateurs
around the world. (btw I am not one of the active members, only just a
back-up station)

In this video it is demonstrated how satellite data (telemetry) is
downloaded using 1k2 AFSK modulation.

Maybe this video can make others also enthousiastic to start looking into
Compass-1 or other Cubesat programs running today. If so; take a look
here for some commands: http://www.raumfahrt.fh-aachen.de/news.htm

To me it shows Amateur Radio is very exiting, and satellite operations are
way cool ! Yes, these Cubesats are no replacement for HEO's, but they
do challenge me (just getting your station non-stop, fully automated
running sounds easier as it is)... and HAM radio is all about challenges
and experiments, that's what makes it fun and keeps it interesting for me !

To play the movie full-screen, click on the right bottom button in the player.
Also there is a HD button, ensure it is showing "HD is on".

Henk, PA3GUO

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