[amsat-bb] Eggbeater-AF6EP

Amateur Radio Station WA2S WA2S at comcast.net
Sat May 30 04:26:33 PDT 2009

Hi Eric

If your goal is to work mobile while driving, your windows of opportunity
are going to be slim.  I've done it, but effective air time will be pretty
short.  On the portable side, I've been able to achieve VUCC Satellite using
5 Watts FT-60R handheld and an Arrow antenna mounted on a photo tripod
standing on the back deck.  I also have the Elk but school's out on which I
prefer (for me- but most guys prefer the Elk).  I've also built K5OE's
Eggbeater II for 2 meters which I have mounted in the attic along with an
antennas.us  quadrifilar for 70 cm.  Preamplifiers on both.  Results are OK
but not as effective as even a simple directional antenna.  I suspect that
the weak link is the quadrifilar and if I mounted a homebrew Eggbeater for
the downlink, it might improve results.  Have also built EA4CYQ's "IOio"
handheld combo which works very well also.  Go to  http://www.eb4dka.tk  to
see some great videos on how they work.  Simple to build and effective for
portable work.  Good luck.

Marc  W4MPS  
(formerly WA2S)

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