[amsat-bb] Antenna questions

Joe Hayes wd9apy at yahoo.com
Mon May 25 09:36:34 PDT 2009

Hello Everyone,
I am new to the list (I'm sure you could have guessed that on your own)
After 30+ years of being away from satellite work I have decided it's time to get back into it..
I used to work AO-6 AO-7,RS-15,ect..
Had an old Ameco TX-62 Xmit and used my "new" Kenwood 599D twins for downlink.
I have looked for a week or better to find answers but still have several I can't find.
I will be using the old (rebuilt) Cushcraft A144-T10 and a new homebrew 22 element 70 cm (11 vert, 11horz).
1. What circular polarization should I be using, LH or RH?
    I will not have polarization switching (at least not for a while)
2. What is good software for my Yaesu G-5400B rotator?
3. What is a good Interface for my Yeasu G-5400B rotator?
4. Need some good links for reference.
de wd9apy


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