[amsat-bb] ND9M Mobile Grid Square Trip

claryco@aol.com claryco at aol.com
Sun May 24 21:10:21 PDT 2009


I'm taking the long way back to the home QTH (EM70) from central Tennessee (EM65) where I attended a geocaching "festival" this weekend. I'll be operating from a bunch of grid squares?on AO-51,?SO-50, and AO-27?while geocaching along the way. 

I'll hit any pass that reaches 15 degrees or better at my QTH. I'm using a 5-watt HT and Arrow-2 on this trip, so I won't have any particular mucle.

Unless (until?) I get the phone call from the Boss telling me that the grass needs to be cut, I'm hoping to be on from the following grid squares, starting tomorrow morning (5/25):

EM66, EM56, EM46, EM45, EM55, EM54, EM44, EM43, EM53, EM52, EM42, EM41, EM51, EM40, EM50, EM60

Road and weather conditions permitting, this is the intended sequence over the next four days. Nothing is chiseled in concrete, but hopefully Murphy's Law will take a few days off. (Yeah, right...)

CU on the birds,


Jim, ND9M

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