[amsat-bb] Recordings of satellite signals

Matthias Bopp matthias.bopp at gmx.de
Sun May 17 17:45:00 PDT 2009


recently I received some additional audio recordings and could thus
complement my "Sounds from Space" collection of satellite signals.

Many thanks to Rolf DK2ZF and Dave WB6LLO for providing their recordings.

You may have a look at www.dd1us.de at "Sounds from Space" and enjoy
listening to our satellites (present ones and those who are already gone).

If anyone of this group has some old tapes or other recordings please let me
know. I am still missing recordings from a couple of satellites and even for
those satellites, where I have already recordings, I am always looking for
additional interesting audio files.

Best regards  55&73

Matthias    DD1US


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